The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Car Ramps

The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Car Ramps

If you consider yourself a home mechanic or just like the chance to get under your car now and then to perform some maintenance, you’ll know that you won’t be getting anything done unless your car has elevation.

Although traditionally people used to put their cars up on jack stands, many people found this an annoyance and a lot of work, and so they looked elsewhere for an easier approach.

Car ramps were the solution to this problem, and now many home mechanics have a dedicated set of these amazing accessories in their home. Finding the best car ramps, however, can be a bit of a challenge, as they need to meet the unique specifications of your car, suit the environment in your garage, and suit your requirements as the mechanic.

Race Ramps RR-56-2 56" Race Ramp


There are many car ramp brands out there today, all varying in price and quality, so navigating your way around the market can be challenging. Either you’ve never owned a pair of car ramps before or you’re just looking for an upgrade, whichever the option you’ll probably be overwhelmed by just how much is out there.

This buyer’s guide was designed to simplify the purpose and help point you in the direction of exactly where you need to go when you’re looking for the best home car ramps. Whether you want something made from steel, a ramp to suit your sports car or something that won’t cost a fortune to buy, we’ve rounded up the must have options to make your search a lot easier.

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Top Picks For The Best Car Ramps

Just as no two cars are alike, the same can be said for car ramps, with no two models ever being the same. There are many things to consider when choosing car ramps as they have to suit your vehicle, first and foremost, but also tick the boxes for what other things you might deem important.

We’ve found the best car service ramps on the market in a number of categories and price ranges so that you can find the set that suits you exactly.

Best Steel Car Ramps

Although there are many different materials used nowadays to make car ramps, many people only trust the strength and durability of steel car ramps for their vehicle. We’ve found the top rated steel car ramps on the market to suit the car needs extra toughness.

Winner:  Nicky Nice Steel Car Ramps

Sometimes, nothing compares to the strength of steel, and this couldn’t be any truer than when you’re working on your car. If you own a heavy-duty vehicle or just want tools that won’t buckle under pressure, you’ll love the Nicky Nice Steel Car Ramps for your home garage.

The ramps have been crafted with solid steel so there’s no question about their strength and with a special powder coated finish they will be guaranteed to have even more strength. Each one of the Nicky Nice ramps holds 2000lbs and when using the complete set they’ll be able to hold round 6,500lbs of vehicle weight, making them far tougher than the competition.

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set

Some people found the clearance on these not suitable for lower cars, so they’re probably not ideal if you’re looking for the best car ramps for low cars. Anyone with a sports car or other high-performance vehicle might be better suited to ramps that have been specifically designed for this, but other than those vehicles the Nicky Nice ramps will certainly do the job right.

The Nicky Nice Ramps are ideal for heavier vehicles like trucks and pickups, so if you’ve been searching for something tough enough to handle them then this is for you. The best car ramps for trucks should be durable and trustworthy as you certainly don’t want them rolling away while you’re working on your car, and you can definitely put your trust in Nicky Nice.

The ramps have been powder coated which give them even more durability and prevent scratches from occurring on the garage floor. In addition, they’ve added raised safety ribs on the side so your vehicle stays firmly in place and traction holes on the incline that will keep your car still if it happens to start rolling backward.

You might expect that such a durable set of car ramps would cost a fortune, but these are some of the more moderately priced on the market. If you’re someone who likes to keep the care of their truck or pickup in their own hands, you’ll be able to rely on Nicky Nice Car Ramps in your garage.

Best Plastic Car Ramps

Some people might hear the word ‘plastic’ and wonder how they could be durable and strong enough to hold a car up. However, the more modern variations of these garage accessories are actually some of the best on the market today, and you might be surprised at how well they stack up against the competition.

Winner: Rhino Gear Rhino Ramps

When you’re looking for car ramps reviews, you’ll probably be wondering how the different materials compare to the rest. Rhino Gear Rhino Ramps are made of plastic, and although it might sound as if it’s not as durable as steel, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Just as the brand name suggests, Rhino Gear is known for being some of the toughest ramps on the market, and they’re great for people who have heavier than usual cars to work on.

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp

These ramps are made with a rugged design that keeps your car in place as you work on it, and they’re considered some of the best ramps for oil changes and other mechanic work that you can find. The entire set has a gross vehicle weight capacity of 12,000lbs which makes them far tougher than most on the market, and all thanks to the magic of plastic.

One huge bonus of the Rhino Gear Ramps is that they work just as well with low clearance vehicles too, and this is due to the 17-degree incline. You won’t find this on most heavy duty ramps out there, so it’s quite a versatile product if you have more than one style of car in your garage that you usually work on.

Although tough, there are quite a few reviews that specify you really need to be careful how you drive your car onto them. If you’re not being exact with the angle and speed that you drive up onto the ramp, you may very well experience a crack in them, making the entire product useless from then on.

Rhino Ramps is a great choice for people who want an affordable style of car ramp but don’t want to sacrifice on weight capacity. With the options to work on all makes and models, you’ll find this to be one of the more versatile ramps on the market, provided you’re able to take the care and time it needs to be used correctly.

Runner-Up: Scepter Plastic Ramp Set

This is another product that defies the odds with how strong it is, and the Scepter Plastic Ramp Set is capable of holding quite a bit. The unique thing about this design is that it uses a core arch to help distribute the weight so that one set alone can hold up to 12,000lbs of vehicle weight.

People might be shocked to learn just how strong plastic is when compared to other heavy-duty materials, but it seems like the obvious choice when you know how much it can do. To pick these ramps up you’d think they were incredibly lightweight, but if you’re working on a heavier model of car they will have no problem keeping it elevated for you.

One of the problems that reviewers had with these ramps was that they didn’t get the car up as high as they would like. So while they might be a great choice for oil changes, you may want something that can take your car a little higher if you want to perform repairs or do regular maintenance on it.

Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set

The Scepter Plastic Ramp Set is extremely tough under the weight and pressure of a car and there’s no need to worry about it breaking underneath.

People have found the best approach is drive their car up smoothly and slowly, then let the Scepter Ramp Set do the rest for them. Your car will happily sit here all day while you work on it and you’ll never need to give it a second thought.

Scepter has designed these ramps to work in all kinds of weather, which is rare to see in car accessories these days. The special grid design on them means that snow, dirt, and water will fall easily through and not get built up, and the traction will never give out even in harsh kinds of weather.

If you’ve been searching for an affordable set of car ramps and want something lightweight enough to carry around, Scepter might just be the ones for you. Provided you do your measurements and make sure the incline will work with your exact make and model of car, these are a great choice for the best plastic car ramps on the market.

Best Low Profile Car Ramp

When you’re working on something as delicate and powerful as a sports car or high-performance vehicle, you don’t want to rely on just any old accessory or tool. Finding the best low profile car ramp is essential for these unique types of car, and we’ve found the one that beats out all the rest.

Winner: Race Ramps 56” Ramps

Race Ramps is one of the most trusted names in the car industry and anyone who owns a sports car or high-performance vehicle likely already knows about their specialties. The 56” set of Race Ramps has been specifically designed for low profile vehicles, which usually means they’re of the sports car variety or classic vehicle range.

If you’ve tried other car ramps and found that they just don’t offer enough access to get under your unique style of car, Race Ramps have designed the solution for this problem. They might cost a little more than other types of ramps but if you’re someone with an expensive car who doesn’t want to run the risk of damaging his pride and joy, you’ll be happy to spend a little more.

Race Ramps RR-56-2 56" Race Ramp


These are the 2 piece style of Race Ramps which gives you even more access on the side compared to their one piece, which again makes them ideal for sports cars. The set of ramps come with straps so you can keep them in the trunk of your car without taking up barely any space at all or carry them around with portability and ease.

There is one problem with Race Ramps that could be an issue for some and that’s to do with their storage. Race Ramps recommend storing them in a cool place otherwise they could get damaged, and while that might be simple enough for some it isn’t feasible for everyone.

Before spending so much on a set of ramps like this make sure you’re going to be able to care for them otherwise you’ll be throwing your money down the drain.

Upon first glance of these ramps, you might mistake them for being flimsy or think that they’ll slide around on the ground when you’re trying to park. The opposite is true, however, and although they are incredibly lightweight they’ll also keep your car safe and secure while you work on it. For a low profile car, there really is no better option than the 56” Race Ramps.

Best Oil Change Car Ramp

One of the main reasons people buy these products is because they’re looking for the best car ramps for oil changes, as this is a job commonly done by your standard car owner. We’ve taken a look at those on the market to find just one that we crown champion and have delivered to you our choice for the best car ramps for oil change.

Winner: Race Ramps 40” Ramps

If you already own a pair of Race Ramps it should be no surprise that they’ve taken home the title of two recommendations for best car ramps. The 40” Race Rams are by far the best car ramps oil change choice, so if that’s what you intend on using yours for then you’ll need to look no further.

Another added bonus of the Race Ramps 40” set is that they’re ideal for low profile cars too, so even if you have a sports car or drive around in high-performance vehicles, these ramps will suit. Most people choose the Race Ramps name for their focus on these types of vehicles, so if this sounds like what you have in your garage then you’ll want to take careful note.

Race Ramps Race Ramps RR-40 40" Race Ramp


A set of Race Ramps will hold about 6,000lbs of vehicle weight or 1,500lbs per ramp. Each ramp will be able to hold a wheel width of 8 inches so be sure to check with your car before you make the purchase. Although they are highly regarded, they’re also some of the costliest car ramps on the market, so you have to be sure you know what you’re getting.

Changing the oil is an essential part of car ownership but one that falls by the wayside because people think they don’t have the skills or tools to do it, and that’s where the Race Ramps product can come to the surface. These are far more stable and easier to set up than a car jack, so it’s an investment that will save you so much in years to come.

Race Ramps make it clear with every product they release why they are considered some of the best, especially because they’re versatile enough to suit so many more styles of car. If you’re looking for the perfect garage accessory that will suit even your classic sports car, Race Ramps is here to tick all of the boxes.

The Top Features Of Car Ramps

Now that you know what it takes to be considered the best, now you need a bit more of an understanding of what features makes car ramps so great. Here are some things to look out for when shopping around for your vehicle ramps and how they can affect the overall performance in the garage.

  • Size - The size of a car ramp refers to the size of wheel that it can hold, and this will be shown in inches. As all cars come with varying wheel sizes you’ll need to measure up yours and make this a priority when choosing the right ramp.
  • Material - People usually assume that all car ramps are made of metal and steel, but they aren’t as common as you might think. Plastic is a great choice for ramps because it’s durable and lightweight, but you will find the occasional steel ramp from time to time. 
  • Elevation Angle - This number refers to how much of an incline it will be able to get your car onto, and again it will be a different figure depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Some sports cars have lower access to begin with and will require higher elevation, whereas those that have a bit of access already won’t need much assistance.
  • Safety Features - Working underneath your car can be a terrifying thought. There are safety features available on some ramps including chocks,  raised edges or ribs, and incline stops that prevent it from rolling backward. However, it’s up to the car owner to ensure safety even if this means putting extra measures into place. 
  • Portability - Although many people like to do their work at home in their garage there may be the need to use your car ramps on the move. Look for a product that’s lightweight and easy to pack away so if you need to take them somewhere it will be easy. Some even come with a carrying strap or harness to hold it in the trunk of your car as you drive.
  • Weight - The weight of a car ramp means what weight of vehicle it can handle, and manufacturers will usually show this amount per ramp and as a total. Be sure that it matches the weight of your car otherwise it may buckle and crack under pressure.

The Essential Tool For Car Care

No matter your skill level when it comes to fixing your car, you’ll find so much benefit from investing a pair of car ramps. Whether you have a large budget and want to get something to suit your classic sports car or just need a handy tool that will make it easier to perform general repairs and change your oil from time to time, there are certainly some great options out there.

There are no rules that say cars have to be confusing and particularly when you’re using a product like this. Car ramps make it simple to get your car to the right angle and incline so that you can get to work on it, and they have been built tough so that they’re durable and strong to suit all kinds of vehicles.

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set

Choosing the right car ramps might seem like a difficult task but it’s something that will save you hours in the future from trying to jack up your car with dangerous and time consuming methods. With our top recommendations, you’ll be able to get the perfect fit and take care of your car at home without needing to call in a professional mechanic for simple jobs.

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