Race Ramps RR-40 Car Ramps Review

Race Ramps RR-40 Car Ramp Review

Owning a sports car is about more than just having something that looks good, and anyone who has one of these unique vehicles sitting in their garage will know how much work and pride goes into them. When you own a prestige car such as this, you’ll want to be sure it’s getting the very best care it can, and so you’ll want to do it on your own.

Whether it’s just regular maintenance, checking out underneath the car, or changing the oil, none of it can be done safely and carefully without a quality pair of car ramps. But with so many on the market made for standard cars, it can be tough finding one with the special features it has to work on these amazing sports cars.

Race Ramps Race Ramps RR-40 40" Race Ramp

source: raceramps.com

Race Ramps is a leader in the car ramps industry, and their answer to this solution was to create a set of ramps that have been designed specifically for sports cars and their owners so that you can be the only one in control of taking care of your pride and joy.

We know just how much worth these cars have and so it makes sense to select only the best products that have been tailored to meet their needs.

Owning a set of your own car ramps like these means you’re free to carry out work in your home garage or just check your car out thoroughly from time to time. When you’ve spent so much time and dedication towards choosing your dream car, it makes sense to choose only the finest products that have been made to work with them, too.

About The Product

Race Ramps has made a name for themselves in the automotive industry and is already widely regarded as the leader in car ramps for high-performance vehicles. Their range of ramps has been designed to suit all kinds of cars but with a special focus on those that are low to the ground and with wider wheels, such as luxury sports cars.

When you care enough about the wheels you own to get yourself a sports car or high-performance vehicle, there’s a good chance you only want to invest in the best for it. These ramps are perfectly engineered for these types of cars, so you don’t want to leave any old car ramps up to the task when it comes to your pride and joy.

Race Ramps has designed their 40” set of ramps to work with most high-performance cars, and they come with the right features to suit your needs. When you invest in the superior quality that Race Ramps offers, you’ll get:

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    A lightweight ramp that is easy to transport and won’t scratch your floors;
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    Fits a maximum tire width of 8”;
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    Suits sports cars including Miata, Jaguars, older Corvettes, and more;
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    Solid core and material for a non-slip guarantee;
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    Holds 1500lbs per ramp and 6000 in total;
Race Ramps Race Ramps RR-40 40" Race Ramp

source: raceramps.com

There’s no point trying to make standard car ramps work for your prized possession, as the very body of these sports cars calls for something tailor-made. Race Ramps is the only option for those who take their high-performance vehicle seriously and they’ve ensured that they deliver where other car ramps have failed.

What To Expect

One thing that seemed to surprise a lot of reviewers was how lightweight the Race Ramps actually are when compared to other car ramps. People thought they wouldn’t be up to the task because they felt so light, but they turned out to be some of the most durable ramps on the market today, and best of all there was no sliding around and damaging the floors either.

The only obvious negative that some mentioned was the cost of them when pricing against others on the market, but for anyone who owns a sports car, you’ll be more than happy to pay extra if it means your car is protected. These ramps should last a lot longer due to their quality, so in the end, the costs will even themselves out.

Where To Buy

For the seriously high-performance car owner, you’ll be ready to jump in and get yourself a set of Race Ramps. Thankfully, Amazon has them listed for a bargain price of around $140 for a set of two, so they’re actually a lot more affordable than you might think.

Another bonus of shopping online here is the free postage that comes with them, and that becomes free express postage if you’re a member of Amazon Prime. Be warned, though, there’s only a 30 day returns policy with these so be sure you check them out right away to see that they work with your car and return them fast if you need to.

The Verdict

Anyone with a high-performance vehicle or sports car knows you can’t use any old piece of equipment made for standard cars and expect it to work, and the same goes for car ramps. The Race Ramps 40” Ramps have been designed with these classic cars in mind so there’s no way you’d ever settle for less.

Race Ramps Race Ramps RR-40 40" Race Ramp

source: raceramps.com

Race Ramps has taken the time to ensure that these will stand up to the test, with everything from a nonslip surface to a lightweight but durable feel, so they will be a welcome addition to your home garage. 

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